Giuliani Was Not Worthy to Give Commencement Address

IMG_20150305_220041 (3)Speaking as a 2004 graduate of St. John Fisher College, I  was deeply upset by my alma mater’s decision to invite Rudolph Giuliani to deliver the 2015 commencement address. 

Mr. Giuliani has made several outlandish remarks about African- Americans, including ridiculous aspersions about President Obama’s patriotism. Moreover, his inflammatory statements about “black criminality” during the apex of tensions in Ferguson threw gasoline on a blistering fire. 

I am also deeply troubled by his involvement in destroying evidence from a crime scene after 9/11. 

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a 2,000 member organization composed of scientific experts seeking a real investigation into the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building Seven. According to their research, “On or about September 15, 2001, Rudolph Giuliani, acting on his authority as duly elected Mayor of the City of New York, authorized and contracted Bovis Lend Lease, AMEC Construction Management, Tully Construction Company, and Turner Construction Company to “provide the work necessary for removal and demolition services, ” according to letter contracts, in order to remove forensic evidence from the World Trade Center. Under Giuliani’s watch, these materials were shipped outside of police custody to scrap metal companies in New York and New Jersey, including Metal Management Northeast and Hugo Neu Schnitzer, both of New Jersey, and from there was shipped outside of US Jurisdiction to Baosteel Group in China….Once outside of US custody, the steel members comprising 95.5 percent of the structural steel of the Twin Towers and Building Seven, was destroyed by melting and rendered useless for any further forensic examination.” 

Regarding Building Seven, concerned citizens everywhere should repeatedly ask their government why CNN, the BBC and other news stations had foreknowledge of its impending collapse. These recorded statements, countdowns, warnings, and announcements suggest that this building was brought down by controlled demolition. But, we will never know for sure because the evidence was confiscated and destroyed.



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