I Am by Richard W. Bachtold

I Am


I am the road not often traveled
I am the singing river
that flows endlessly to the distant sea.
I am the question and the answer.
I am the last oak leaf freely falling
to the waiting earth home.
I am the homeless, the outcast,
the oppressed, the feared,
the outsider, and the enemy.
I am the singer and the song.
I am the only apple on the old tree
in the abandoned orchard.
I am the lost poem always
waiting for the eternal reader.
I am the unseen daisy dying
beside the forsaken rock wall.
I am the saint and the sinner.
I am the faithful goose flying homeward.
I am the word and the silence.
I am the lone wolf howling
nightly to the fading moonlight.
I am the single spear of bent
grass ever seeking the touch of the rising sun.
I am the forgotten, rejected poet.
I am the known, the unknown,
the heard, the unheard,
the seen, the unseen,
the Earth, the Heaven,
the soul, the spirit,
the Death and the Life.
I am the muse, the madman,
the mystic, and the prophet.
I am the journey, the home,
the beginning, the end,
the creator and the creation.
I am the vision, the transformation,
the imagination, and the possibilities.
I am the vision, the transformation,
the imagination, and the possibilities.
I am the history, all sacred
traditions, the new, the old,
the finite, and the everlasting.
I am all this and more.
I am the All! I am!

Richard W. Bachtold

I met Richard at the annual St. Francis Day event at Agape Community in Ware, MA. This wonderful piece IMG_20150329_213629is from his book Poems of the One. The author may be contacted by mail: Richard W, Bachtold, Gilbertville, MA 01031-9843

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