Interested in the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition?

With the support of 38 groups, the RPCC is building from the success of September’s People Climate March, “The Rochester People’s Climate Coalition addresses the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of global warming. Together we will create a more environmentally just and sustainable society for all.”

To get in touch with us, email:

*This is for all local groups—businesses, political parties, faith, activist, neighborhoods, and more—to join up with the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition. Please take the survey so we can add you to our list:

Four Levels of Participation: Leadership Team, Partner Organization, Supporting Organization, and Affiliated Organization

This is an unprecedented alliance for the Rochester region. Don’t be left out in the heat.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

RPCC Leadership Team:Sue Hughes-Smith, Mothers Out Front

Linda Isaacson Fedele, Sierra Club

Abigail McHugh-Grifa, Rochester Climate Action

Sarah Mittiga, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

George Payne, Gandhi Earth Keepers

Susan Spencer, Working Families Party

Bill LaBine, Airtight Services, Inc.

Goals of the RPCC:1. Build a major force for change that will influence legislators to pass meaningful climate action laws.

2. Educate the general public about man-made global warming and mobilize them for direct action.

3. Encourage local leaders to take steps to prepare our region for the future effects of Climate Change (e.g. update transportation and utilities infrastructure)

4. Leverage our collective power to encourage local media to improve their coverage of climate-related issues.

The first big endeavor of the RPCC will be make Earth Week in Rochester in April (18th – 23rd) with events built around Dr. Hansen’s two-day visit.World renowned climate scientist and activist and author, Dr. Hansen has agreed to speak the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club’s Earth Day forum. If you are anywhere near Rochester, NY, you could have the privilege of hearing former NASA scientist and Climate Change expert Dr. James Hansen speak at our local Sierra Club’s annual environmental forum, to be held at Monroe Community College. Various other events at other local venues will be included that day, and also Monday April 20th. See his TED talk here: . More details to come.

RSVP please to:

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