No Walls Can Separate Human Rights

Kofi Anan once said, “Today, no walls can separate humanitarian or human rights crises in one part of the world from national security crises in another. What begins with the failure to uphold the dignity of one life all too often ends with a calamity for entire nations.”

We can no longer tolerate the perennial lie that tells us how our nation can only be secure by controlling the security of other nations. We must be dissidents when it counts.



U.S. Must Act on Migrant Crisis

 1420408759According to Amnesty International the number of migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year is approaching a quarter of a million. Speaking as a concerned citizen of the United States, I find it shameful that the world’s most powerful navy is not doing more to aid these refugees. The size and magnitude of the U.S. Navy carriers alone could provide shelter to tens of thousands of migrants fleeing war. If we truly are a humanitarian force for good, then we have a moral obligation to not only rescue these people when things go drastically wrong but to provide them with a first class escort to freedom.

For years the innocent people of Libya and Syria have been held under the iron fist of sadistic warmongers, bloodthirsty mercenaries, religious fanatics and calculating politicians. The children of these countries deserve far better than this.

In cooperation with our European partners, we should vow to rescue and liberate every single migrant who attempts to cross the Mediterranean. Let us not lose another precious human life when we have the resources and capacity to intervene. After-all, history is only doomed to repeat itself when we fail to act on the lessons we have learned. 

Are We Making Progress on Nuclear Weapons?

Should we celebrate the fact that 188 countries do not have nuclear weapons? Should we rejoice in the knowledge that entire arsenals of nuclear warheads have been dismantled in the U.S. and Russia? Should we be proud of the human species for not having a nuclear attack since 1945?

Good questions. But what does progress mean when just one bomb can cause so much suffering? How should we gauge our moral progress in light of these weapons’ capacity for unimaginable terror, generational trauma, and environmental omnicide?

The only sane thing to do is to destroy these evil weapons as soon as we can. That some people are accustomed to the preservation, development, testing and use of such monstrosities is no sign of progress: it is evil having the upper hand. IMG_20150530_022914