Teaching is Learning

Most of my students are voraciously hungry to cultivate inner awareness and to have more choice over their emergent self- hood. They do not want to be just another academic unit with a tuition tag sewn on their backs. Truthfully, they are seeking a bliss that will transform their lives. They want to go on a journey which will take them home as a transformed person.

My teaching succeeds best when I am the one who is learning along with my students. I really mean that. I feel like the classroom is most alive when I hear something that forces me to reconsider my innate biases and unfounded suppositions. From my unique vantage point as the “instructor,” I can experience the whole room’s energy growing and see the illumination of ideas forming in the cerebral ether of activated minds. In those moments pregnant with courageous possibility, I am granted the ancient and mysterious honor of standing in the presence of a force called education. This force is infinitely more important than my own reputation, duties, habits, beliefs and doubts. When they happen the fearless curiosity of my students takes over and I am made uncomfortable in the most refreshing ways.



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