Stop the School to Prison Pipeline!

Parents and students will speak today at the Rochester City School District Board of Education, sharing stories of how suspensions and arrests have negatively impacted their lives. However, we can break the chain of the school-to-prison pipeline. Together as parents, students, teachers, administrators and all other members of the school community, we can stand up for better policies, more supports, and real alternatives to harsh discipline.

Now is the time to act, let’s do this together!

What: Rally to Support a New Code of Conduct

When: Thursday, January 28, at 6pm

Where: 131 W. Broad St, Rochester, NY


Every year thousands of young people are suspended from school in the Rochester City School District. Just a single suspension doubles the chances a student will dropout of school and makes them more likely to end up in prison. A number of factors contribute to this pushout including harsh discipline policies, an unwelcoming school environment, a lack of resources for students, and a lack of alternatives to suspension. These problems create the school-to-prison pipeline.

We need your support on Thursday, January 28 at 6pm at 131 W. Broad St. to break the school-to-prison pipeline!

The RCSD Board of Education has taken this issue on, committing to review and pass the recommendations of a stakeholder group known as the Community Task Force. The Board of Education has shown real leadership by committing to reform School Climate in Rochester.

One of those recommendations is a new code of conduct, which makes suspensions a last resort, clearly defines when discipline is necessary, and encourages alternative to suspensions that repair harm and get to the root of disruptive behavior.

Parents, students, teachers, school staff and community members are coming together on Thursday, January 28 at 6pm at 131 W. Broad St., Rochester, NY to express how urgent it is that the Board of Education move the process forward and adopt better policies. It has been over a year since this process began. Now is the time to act. Every day we wait more students are losing valuable class time to suspensions, falling behind, and dropping out of school.

Let’s Break The Chain. The Board can make history of its own, by committing to introduce and finalize a draft of the new code of conduct by the end of February. Please show your support by attending this important rally.



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