Rochester Free Radio Board Signs Historic Lease


Rochester Free Radio board president, Chuck Schroeder has just signed a historic lease for studio space in The Hungerford Building.  Beginning March 1st, RFR will now be located at 1115 E. Main Street, Suite AB203.  This means we’re going on the air!  After that first day, we’ll be moving in our gear, setting it up and training volunteers to do their shows.

So, if you’ve already expressed interest in doing a show or if you’re just realizing how cool it would be to do one, please choose one of the following times to join us.
Saturday, February 13th @ Noon Thursday, February 25th @ 6:30pm  or  Sunday, February 28th @ 3pm
The location of the meetings will be announced soon.
In the meantime, we’re still producing original local shows on our online stream.  You can listen to it on our Facebook page as well as our website.
If you go to the website, you’ll noticed that many of our talk shows are saved as podcasts for you to check out on demand.  Some of our show hosts are also blogging on website as well.
And what kind of a non-profit would we be if we didn’t ask for money?  
We expect to run into unexpected costs in setting up our studio.  You can help us ease that burden with a tax-deductible donation to Rochester Free Radio.  Or you can buy an exclusive I Helped Start Rochester Free Radio t-shirt.  They’re one of a kind – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can always help by underwriting a show or the station in general.  All the details are here.
This is it!  The final step in getting on the air at 106.3fm.  Set that radio dial now!  


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