Donate to Sanders When It Counts Most!

Just about 15 minutes ago, the Des Moines Register released their final poll before the Iowa caucus, and we wanted to make sure you saw the results right away:

Des Moines Register Poll – Iowa (January 30, 2016)
Clinton: 45%
Sanders: 42%

We’ve come so far. Can you imagine how you would feel if we come up just short in Iowa? Especially when our numbers against Republicans are so strong.

Your $3 contribution to Bernie’s campaign, right now, could mean the difference between victory and defeat in the Democratic primary for our political revolution. Make one today.

When we started this campaign, no one gave us a chance. They said our ideas were too radical. They said the Clinton campaign and her super PACs had too much money. But in two days, we have a chance to send an unmistakable message about the depth of support for the values values we share.

As you read this message, our offices are buzzing across Iowa and New Hampshire. Thousands of volunteers are working their tails off talking to caucus-goers and voters on the phones and at their homes. If every person who has signed up to join our political revolution made a contribution to Bernie’s campaign today, we would be unstoppable.

Add your $3 contribution here:

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016IMG_20160128_010804.jpg


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