A Vote for Trump is a Vote for Treason

39,000 people in Iowa voted for Donald Trump tonight. Every single one of those ballots signifies a small but significant defeat for democracy. I will even go further to say that every single one of those 39,000 votes was an act of treason. What natural calamity or foreign invasion could be more devastating than a Trump White House? How terrible would that truly be? Can we even begin to grasp the scale of this disaster? What would a Trump presidency mean for the future of global peace?

I truly believe that every single one of those 39,000 voters committed an act of treason tonight. They told themselves that they could vote for a blatant racist, misogynist, warmongering xenophobe without any moral ramifications at all.  Decades from now our children and grandchildren will be forced to explain this whole dismal episode like the way previous generations had to justify George Wallace and David Duke.

It is shameful.  These votes are now engraved in the stone of our national identity forever.  And yes, the whole world is watching, and the whole world sees that tonight in the heartland of our country 39,000 citizens turned on their own constitution.




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