Sanctioning Hate Offends Both Christianity and Islam

The only difference between a self proclaimed Christian pastor who condones the massacre in Orlando and a self proclaimed Jihadist who actually carries out the ambush, is that one uses the Bible to justify their violence while the other uses the Qur’an.
Although the self proclaimed Christian pastor may not pursue their victims with the same militant vengeance as the self proclaimed Jihadist, they still harbor the same vile feelings inside their hearts. For example, in captured video footage on YouTube, it can be seen how some pastors have no problem whatsoever saying that more people should have died in that night club.


If given a free pass from law enforcement- and tolerated by an indifferent society- these ministers of destruction would no doubt authorize their foot soldiering congregants to shoot up every LGBTQ bar, restaurant, night club, gym, art gallery, school, and affirming church in America. If sanctioned to use assault rifles with immunity on who they view as sexual infidels, they would choose a more lethal weapon to enforce God’s wrath than an AR-15.
To be blunt, these self proclaimed Christian pastors authorize such killings nearly every single Sunday when they preach justified warfare from the pulpit. In the sacred name of Christian democracy and the holy commandments of capitalism, they pray for our soldiers, place offerings in their coffers, pump fuel in their tanks, and promise that they are on a mission from God. Of course we don’t call these killings mass murders; they are “strikes” and “operations.”
But what if these soldiers are not on a mission from God? What if they are just on a mission from their government or hometown church? They certainly are not on a mission from Jesus, who said: “Love your enemies. Pray for those who hate you.” Matthew 5:44

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