New Leadership at the Iroquois White Corn Project

Posted with permission of the Iroquois White Corn Project. Please consider supporting this wonderful effort to preserve the sacred legacy and nutritional value of white corn.

Nya:wëh skannoh’:

I would like to introduce myself as the new project manager at the Iroquois White Corn Project. My name is Lauren Jimerson, although some of you may know me as Goodie. I have been associated with Ganondagan for the past 18 years and the last 10 of those years have been focused on my education. Growing up on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, I have learned various lessons that the white corn provides since my maternal grandfather cultivated and processed his own white corn. I have said to people that I come from a “white corn family” because my mother and all of her siblings work with white corn. A few of my cousins and I have been handed down the knowledge to work with it as well. Across the road from my father’s home in the Pinewoods community is where the original white corn project was started by John Mohawk. I also remember listening to John talk about the importance of the white corn over dinner at Ganondagan.

While I come to the project with a wealth of knowledge of the white corn itself, I commend our former project manager, Kim Morf, for the time that she committed to getting the project flowing the way that it does now. She created an environment that flows steady so that we could get our amaizing products onto people’s stovetops and into peoples crock pots and ovens. My goal at the project is to retain that flow, share the stories of the corn, and expand on creative ways to incorporate white corn into our diets.

Seneca scene

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the head chef of Conflict Kitchen who will be using our corn for their fall menu in their Pittsburgh restaurant. This is an exciting project for us and since they put in a substantial order, this week’s production focus is on shucking and preparing corn for processing. My hours here at the project are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.  If you are interested and are available to help us out during any of those times, you may email or call 585-742-1361.

I hope that the rest of your week brings many joyful moments!

Nya: Wëh,

Thank You

Lauren Jimerson, Seneca

Project Manager

Iroquois White Corn Project



(585) 742-1361

“While we actively become aware of our thoughts, especially those that have a kind and loving intent; we naturally allow ourselves to become spiritually in tune with the Creators wishes. This allows us to use our talents to fulfill our purpose on Earth.”

-Freida J. Jacques, Onondaga

Ronnie, a staff member with Ganondagan, sharing her knowledge about Seneca artifacts at Maplewood Park in Rochester. (This public event was sponsored by the Lower Falls Foundation.

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