Original Moon Landing Prints Offer Convincing Rebuttal to Conspiracy Theorists

How I happened to procure these original moon landing prints doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is that I got a hold of them long enough to take some pictures of the pictures. Now these historical documents can be shared with the world for the first time.


I will disclose that the first owner worked at Kodak for over 30 years. Through a series of happy accidents the pictures came into my purview about two months ago. When I saw them in my living room, spread out on the couch below a desk lamp, I was absolutely bedazzled by their quality. Not only were they in pristine condition, they also had the Kodak insignia on the back with a date of production!

The images captured in these photographs are arguably the most important moments in human history. At the very least, it was the greatest technological achievement of our species. And here, in my humble abode on Exchange Street, was brand new documentation to help prove that it happened. Pretty cool if you ask me!

If any conspiracy theorist wants to tangle with these images, I say go for it. Prove them wrong. Do what you can to make your case. Admittedly, I have also shared some of these suspicions concerning the official narrative. Anyone who has watched Room 237, a subjective documentary which  explores the numerous theories about the hidden meanings within ‘Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining (1980) and its connection with a faked moon landing in 1969, knows that there have been many discrepancies left unsettled. Basically, these people believe that Kubrick was hired by NASA and the U.S. Government to film the landing in a Hollywood studio in order to gain the upper hand against the Russians in the space race. Although getting to the moon was still technologically unmanageable, staging a fake moon landing and broadcasting it to the world was relatively easy.

Eoom 237

More about Room 237

Room 237 is an interesting film; but after seeing these pictures for myself (and knowing how they came to be) I have become convinced that we did go to the moon in 69. The luster of authenticity that these photographs possess is simply mind blowing. Room 237 posits a provocative theory, but it must now come to grips with this crucial new photographic evidence.






There’s a historical milestone in the fact that our Apollo 11 landing on the moon took place a mere 66 years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight. Buzz Aldrin


Through the Looking Glass.


I see human beings who have transcended the outer limits of what’s possible.

There is a side of the Moon which we never see, but that hidden half is as potent a factor in causing the ebb and flow of the Earth’s tide as the part of the Moon which is visible.                                                                                                                                                    Max Heindel



And then there were footprints on the moon.



A flag suspended in the stillness of space


The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.         Jean Ingelow

Paint Made by Kodak.
The moon from my back porch in downtown Rochester, NY.                                    Photo by George Cassidy Payne


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha


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