Remembering the People’s Climate March

This upcoming Wednesday (9/21/16) will mark the 3rd anniversary of the historic People’s Climate March. Although tremendous progress remains to be made, this event was undoubtedly one of the most impressive displays of nonviolent people power in human history. I remember the march like it was yesterday.

What Happened

The People’s Climate March (PCM) was a large-scale activist event to advocate global action against climate change, which took place on Sunday, September 21, 2014, in NYC. Described as “an invitation to change everything,” the march was called in May 2014 by, the environmental organization founded by writer/activist Bill McKibben, and it was endorsed by “over 1,500 organizations, including many international and national unions, churches, schools and community and environmental justice organizations.” It was conceived as a response to the scheduled U.N. Climate Summit of world leaders to take place in New York City two days later, on September 23.

Although based in New York, the event was intended to be global in scope and implication, and there were “companion demonstrations” worldwide.


Photo by George Payne




Photo by George Payne

“Today I march because I want to behold a brighter future. We have destroyed ourselves. We have destroyed our health and I’m here because our political leaders have failed us,” Stanley Sturgill, a retired coal miner from Kentucky now suffering from black lung, said at a press conference before the march. “We know together we can build our bright future.”


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Letter to the Editor in CITY Newspaper






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