El Dorado Beach Without Humans: a portrait of natural beauty

El Dorado Beach does not conform. I have gone there to search for oriels. I have gone there to walk along the sand dunes. I have gone there to feel the oceanic power of a lake we call Ontario. But El Dorado does not conform. It does not belong to humans. It never has and it never will. The beach will swallow the Bud Light cans. The sand will take over the forgotten sandals and misplaced sunglasses. The tide will wash away the debris of our recreation. It will simply re-create our carelessness.

Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne


Photo by George Payne

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