A Facebook exchange about President Obama and his respect for women turns into an intense debate on drone warfare

The following exchange occurred on Facebook. I posted a meme with the title, How a Real Man Treats Women. The pictures show President Obama courting, dancing with, kissing, hugging, bowing to, and holding hands with the First Lady. It is a powerful collage given the current political atmosphere. But It only took a minute for someone to respond with a post like this:
Kenneth Dyer Drone bombing children is beside the point apparently. I have no doubt his bombs have killed many women as well.
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Gandhi Earth Keepers International
To which I replied:
Gandhi Earth Keepers International I appreciate and honor your anger. I feel the same way. I also feel that he is a man caught in a system that he can not control. I do not believe that he purposely targets women or children. Nor do I believe that he accepts collateral damage as an excuse. My guess is that he authorizes every drone strike with extreme dread and loathing. That being said, what President Obama can control is how he appreciates and honors the First Lady. Their love affair is one for the ages. He has shown men all over the world how to be not only kind to women but also devoting, awestruck, and totally enamored with them in a way that is healthy and spiritual.
Kenneth Dyer You’re just as evil as he for trying to make excuses for him and his actions. Go fuck yourself.


Kenneth Dyer
Kenneth Dyer Call yourself spiritual, praise a mass murderer. Go figure.


Gandhi Earth Keepers International
Gandhi Earth Keepers International Thank you, Kenneth. I can see that this meme triggered something important for you. I am guessing that you are needing more focus on the victims of warfare and less adulation of particular leaders. Is this accurate? I’m also hearing that you are feeling frustrated by something I said or did not say. For clarity, I have made no claims to spirituality. I also have not praised the mass murder of our government, White House administration, President Obama, or the American people who pay taxes. You may be one of the few Americans who do not pay taxes, but the vast majority do. I am not praising murder. I find drone strikes reprehensible. I am appalled by the slaughter of all life forms. I am thankful that I am not in President Obama’s shoes. Every night he is given a set of options which will inevitably kill and save lives at the same time. For him to not choose is just another choice with terrible consequences. Unlike you and me Kenneth, he is one of the few people in the world with the power and responsibility to intervene and stop killings from happening. Tragically, the way the system is set up, it requires him to engage in killing to achieve this noble goal. It is a tragic system. It is a tragic world. We are tragic figures. The American Presidency is a tragic post. The way we discuss our disagreements is tragic.

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