Economic Angst Did Not Cost Clinton the Election

The economy has now gained nearly five times more jobs under President Barack Obama than it did during the presidency of George W. Bush, and the unemployment rate has dropped to just below the historical average. Clinton was running on a promise to continue the legacy of President Obama.  That said, what the voting statistics suggest is that women, Millennials, voters between the ages of 30-45, African- Americans, Asian- Americans, and Latinos are not experiencing angst about the future. The numbers show that the one group which  is struggling with their position in a new America are white males between the ages 45-65+. 

Clinton did not lose because she was out of touch with the economic fears of most Americans. She won the popular vote by 2 million. The reason that she lost the Electoral College is because there is still a significant voting block in this nation who are unwilling to accept progress, change, diversity, and pluralism. If they would only open their eyes and hearts, they would discover that economic opportunities are available to them; but they must be willing to rethink their entitlements, retrain their skill set, and re-purpose their ideas about what it means to be a global citizen.

This matters because there is a danger in portraying Mr. Trump as a champion of the disenchanted blue collar worker. Attributing his win to his populism overlooks the role race and prejudice played in his campaign. In other words, pointing to the economy as the reason Mr. Trump was elected actually serves to legitimate and normalize hate.


Photo by George Payne

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