Trump will follow Putin’s playbook all the way to the bank

With investments in companies such as Monsanto (Big Ag), Gilead Services (Big Pharma), Altria (Big Tobacco), and the Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners (Big Oil), Donald Trump is the most financially compromised President-elect in American history.

What we know for sure is that Trump has carefully studied the rise of Vladimir Putin and has adopted his brand of political and economic “leadership” almost verbatim. It is a toxic and violent mix of race baiting nationalism, political cronyism, media exploitation, contrived patriarchalism, and a devouring appetite to make money no matter who gets hurt. Through extortion, corruption and oil profiteering, Putin has manged to make billions of dollars as the supreme leader of Russia. He is now one of the world’s most wealthy men. How much will President-elect Trump look to make using Putin’s playbook once he is officially installed as the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s most powerful economy? History has shown time and again that where there is a conflict between ethics and economics, victory is always with economics.
That being said, it is truly ominous to consider just how weakened the forces of resistance have become already. In a few months who will have the sufficient resources and inclination to compel Donald Trump to do anything let alone divest from his empire? Not the Congress. Not the Supreme Court. Not the Army. Not Big Business. Not the Church. Not the Press.  It doesn’t look good my friends. The era of checks and balances is over. Get ready for the great pillage to come.

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