Why Trump’s Cabinet is so Dangerous


Donald Trump’s cabinet is mainly white, male, rich, and politically inexperienced.

Out of the 19 top picks, 15 have been men. Out of these 15 men, only one is a person of color.

Although there is a sprinkling of diversity in the Trump administration, these appointees will be overshadowed by the powerful leadership of white men who have espoused white nationalist sentiments themselves, or have been willing to associate with those who do.

Individual culprits include Priebus, Bannon, Flynn, and Sessions, but Islamophobia, anti-feminism, homophobia, and nativism have been condoned by every member of the Trump brain trust.

There also seems to be a vicious and irrational opposition to the presidency of Barack Obama.

Steve Bannon has helped to publish hateful and untrue articles about President Obama and his family.

Ben Carson has routinely denounced the president on television; and cabinet nominees such as Haley, Sessions, Perry, Price, and Kelly, have all found opportunities to trash the Obama administration for political gain.

This venomous animosity toward Obama cannot be explained by the analytical tools of political science alone.

Without sufficient reason, from international relations to environmental protection, the incoming administration appears to be hell-bent on totally dismantling President Obama’s hard fought victories, as a reformer, peacemaker, conservationist, and symbol of hope and change for millions.

In fact, Trump has declared he will spend his first 100 days in office undermining nearly every single achievement Obama has counted as his main priorities as leader of the free world.

The president-elect intends to deregulate Wall Street, push for oil and gas extraction on a massive scale (Perry at Energy, Pruitt at Environment, Zinke at Interior, and Tillerson at State, have all set the stage for uninhibited drilling), to gut the Affordable Care Act, and to design a cultural educational system that downplays public schools, and inculcates nationalism as a core pedagogical value.

Personal biases against President Obama aside, this is shaping up to be one of the most administratively inexperienced, militaristic, environmentally destructive, and blatantly xenophobic administrations ever conceived in our nation’s history.

Sadly, one need not look far back into the past to find another administration that has reeked of such cronyism, plutocracy, lack of expertise, financial conflicts of interest, and an unbridled thirst for oil.

As much as Trump despises the Bushes and claims to have overturned their brand of politics in an epic revolution, he has merely resurrected the ideals, and ideas of his nemeses. Like Bush in 2000, Trump’s cabinet is a simpleminded, and prejudicial reaction against a predecessor’s progressive legacy that will, if left unchallenged, make all of us less united as human beings, and more dismayed as a citizenry.

It may also result in a money grab by the super elite which has not been witnessed in our nation since the chaotic genesis of the Gilded Age.

What is the chief end of man?–to get rich.

In what way?–dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must.

— Mark Twain-1871



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