The One by George Payne

Ampersand Literary


I do not worship your God or pay alms to your church. I worship in temples, woodlands and caves. I pray to the Maker while bathed in rushing waters. I sing to the Master of the Universe while clothed in sage brush and pine trees. I dream of Gods that dreamed of a primordial lab of thinking mud. I have thoughts of gods devouring gods in unspeakable raptures. I worship them only to worship the One who gives birth to all gods. The unnamed. The unspoken. The unthought of. The supreme distance. The reality of reality. The Lord of Lords. The King of Kings. The Queen of Queens. The Tao. The Awakened One. The Risen One. The dead ones who praise her name in his holy voice. The One.

img_20160201_223458Based out of Rochester, NY, George Payne is a free lance writer, photographer, poet, and photojournalist. He also teaches philosophy as…

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