All About Owls

All About Owls

This is a poem, as promised, all about owls.

Hamlet wrote to Ophelia, appealing to the same stars as owls do when they strip away the tall grass, looking for the present finality of vermin.

This is a poem about owls. 

Neither theoretical or astronomical. It is about 1,000 million years ago, when the ancestors of the owls flew without a compass or North Pole-

A time when the blue lights arose from beneath the snowfields, like polar auroras turning the dusky red clouds against the tides.

This is a poem about owls.

How nearly circular in shape their eyes are. And how they shine by their own fierce light, like heat seeking missiles striking the earth in halves.

For the owl is the twin sister of Gemini,  more incomplete than wrong. 

Photo by George Cassidy Payne

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