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I am an independent writer, domestic violence counselor, social justice activist, and adjunct professor of philosophy. I live and work in Rochester, NY.

Weightless Noises

Wounded, we feel witnessed
by time-by 200 years of war,
a theater of bitter clouds and
the breeze rippling the surface.
When we glint at the sun,
we sail through the carnage.
That electrical charge. That
slanderous appetite of a morning’s
uncertain future.
When we glint, we are back in time.
The sound of piercing skin,
thunder and other weightless noises.

Black Ice

Two friends through the wind
shield. Holding his flesh with
my glove. A world concealed
beneath the cries of geese in
flight. We crashed on a sheet
of black ice. Without wasting a
second, we crashed. Into a
bubble of space the size of an
atom. Next to rock slide scars,
we crashed. As the olive skinned
hemlocks bled a reddish maple.